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subject President Kim''s New Year''s Message
Author ICAO Secretariat
photo1 20170105152559.jpg
Date 2017-01-05
Contents Dear ICAO Members,

2017 is upon us and it is with great pleasure that I may wish each of you a happy, happy new year. In Korea, it is traditional for citizens to travel to the east coast in order to watch the first sunrise of the New Year. This sunrise represents a new beginning봞 light shed on new opportunities and adventures to come. While last year was filled with several accomplishments, of which I am proud, I believe that now is the time to look to this rising sun as a fresh start to strive for our goals anew.

This year is bringing with it a number of challenges for farmers and cooperators alike봱apidly rising global temperatures, a growing population coupled with a shrinking farmer population, questions of food security and soil health, and an intensely competitive economy are only a few of the troubles we must confront. Now, more than ever, is the time to band together with our fellow cooperators both local and international to work towards solutions that will address these important issues. ICAO is excited to announce that in 2017, two of the primary initiatives will involve support for the UN셲 Sustainable Development Goals and a partnership with ICA셲 Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide in order to forge a tight bond between the agricultural production and consumer sectors. These initiatives, combined with several other projects, will expand ICAO셲 scope and network to encompass greater member involvement and opportunity.

I hope that all of our members are as enthusiastic and energetic as I am to begin this New Year with a running start. I greatly look forward to incorporating everyone셲 ideas into a plan that addresses the needs of our farmers and embodies the cooperative identity in order to grow and transform the world into a better place. To each of your families and organizations, I wish you a bounty of good health, good luck, and good humor.

Warm regards,

Byeongwon Kim

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