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subject NACF Korea Conducts ODA Program
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2018-11-01
Contents National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) conducts Capacity building training for financial cooperatives in developing countries

The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF, Chairman Kim Byeong-Won) held a ceremony at the head office located in Seodaemun, Seoul on October 16, welcoming the participants of the 'Capacity Building for the Operation of Sustainable Financial Cooperatives' training program consisted of high-ranking government officials and members of co-operatives in charge of nurturing financial cooperatives in developing countries.

The program, held in the form of an official development assistance (ODA) project, was attended by 14 people from seven countries including Cameroon, India, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Palestine, Uganda and Vietnam. It is scheduled to be held for two weeks until October 27.

Additional training programs are planned to be held for working-level officials in 2019 and high-ranking officials in 2020. The NACF hopes that this program will help the participant countries to introduce policies and systems that will help foster financial cooperatives in their countries.

During the training program, that consists of theoretical lectures and on-site field trips, trainees will learn about the history of the NACF and management know-hows for financial cooperatives. In addition, the participants will present country reports that include the status of financial cooperatives of their country and also draw out action plans that will provide a political framework for the promotion of cooperatives in accordance with their own economic situation.

Meanwhile, the NACF, the hosting country of the International Cooperative Agricultural Organization (ICAO), holds annual joint-workshops with the ICA Asia-Pacific Office, inviting cooperative members of the Asia-Pacific region to educate them on the Korean agriculture and role of cooperatives. Also, as part of their efforts to nuture cooperative talents, the NACF conducts scholarships for international students from developing countries. Recently, the Federation has also been working on various ODA projects related to the agriculture and livestock industry in cooperation with Vietnam, Myanmar, and Mongolia, etc.

General Manager of the Global Cooperation Office, Mr. Yong Khang said, "NACF, Korea has been supporting the development of the agricultural sector since the 1960s from the elimination of usury in rural areas to the distribution of agricultural products. These days, the cooperative is also acting as a profit center that provides finances to support rural areas." He added that "by sharing our experience and structural institution, participants will be able to find opportunities that will help enhance the management capability of cooperatives in their own countries.

Source: Korea Agricultural News (http://www.newsfarm.co.kr)

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