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subject Africa Project 3rd Quarter Update
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2018-10-30
Contents Africa Project 3rd Quarter Update

By the end of August, the ICAO Secretariat received the 3rd Quarter Update of the Africa Project from the ICA Africa Office.

The following is the main processes that have been reported:
1. Tigebwa Cooperative (Uganda)
*Current Progess*
- Raised additional sum of $3200 as contribution to purchase new and better-quality processing equipment
- Procured and installed better quality wine processing tanks and equipment
- Mobilized members to produce more wine during the peak-dry season to run the equipment on full capacity. 100,000 liters of wine, an average of 5,000 liters/week, have been produced
- Samples of pineapple wine have been submitted to the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and has passed the first level evaluation

*Next Quarter Plan*
- Follow up on the pineapple wine certification process
- Begin documenting success stories

*Current Process*
- Rehabilitation of the cooperative셲 office and warehouse
- Corn harvest of 5.2 tons in the 2 hectares in pilot phase

*Next Quarter Plan*
- Production of the first pilot phase will be packed and traded by AMPCM on behalf of ACORAL at the International Fair of Maputo from August 27 to September 2
- Reports will be made and shared with parties on the production of corn, peanuts and vegetables

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