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subject Africa Project 2nd Quarter Update
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2018-08-30
Contents Africa Project 2st Quarter Update

By the end of April, the ICAO Secretariat received the 2nd Quarter Update of the Africa Project from the ICA Africa Office.

The following is the main processes that have been reported:
1. Tigebwa Cooperative (Uganda)
*Current Progess*
- Agreeing on the need to purchase better quality wine processing tanks and equipment that would reduce spillage and also improve the quality of wine produces, members came to a conclusion to raise financial resources to cover the insufficient costs
- The procrement of better quality equipment including; fermentation drums, stainless stell tanks, airtight plastic drums, automated corking machines and more were installed
- Regadring the installation of new equipment, operation training was held

*Next Quarter Plan*
- To fully run the new equipment, more banana and pineapple production will be encouraged
- Support to gain certification for pineapple wine from by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards
- Continued training of new equipment

*Current Process*
- Aquired materials for site rehabilitation including;cement, blocks, stones and sand
- Started the production of corn, which will be sold at the market once harvested

*Next Quarter Plan*
- Horticulture shall be planted mid-May to add sales revenues
- Site rehabilitation to be completed and ready in May
- Organic compount production will also add to the revenue of ACORAL coop

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