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subject 2018 AFGC Annual Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2018-04-24
Contents 2018 AFGC Annual Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka

From March 20-21, the 18th AFGC Annual Meeting was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, hosted by one of its members, the Independent Farmers Network of Sri Lanka (IFNSL). A total of 20 members from 9 member cooperatives attended this meeting, of which 4 are also members of the ICAO: JA-Zenchu, NACF, CLT and VCA This year셲 meeting was held under two themes, 쏛ctivities for farmers groups and agricultural cooperatives to deal with natural disaster and 쏞hallenges to increase farm income recognizing pros and cons of economic partnership treaties.

From the NACF/ICAO, NACF Executive VP Mr. SON Byung-Hwan, ICAO Deputy Secretary General Mr. Kim Ki-Hoon and ICA-AP MBO staff Mr. KIM Sangmin attended the meeting.

Mr. Kim Sangmin first gave a presentation on how Korean agricultural cooperatives deal with natural disasters. He mentioned that among different types of natural disasters, typhoons affect Korea the most and the damage cost caused alone in 2016 was around 320 million dollars. To react to disasters, the NACF acts as the control tower and supports victims through providing finances, materials, labor force and more. Additionally, the NACF promotes member cooperatives to buy NH insurances that guarantee damages caused by natural disasters.

Ms. Tran Thu Hang from VCA, Vietnam also gave a presentation on the same topic and explained recent incidents of the no. 10 and no. 12 typhoon that also caused great damage to their agricultural areas. She also added that agricultural cooperatives actively participated in the recovery projects, leading the Vietnamese Government to support them through specific policies.

Mr. Phanuwat Wanraway from CLT, Thailand presented Thailand셲 situation on this issue and talked about one of their worst disasters in history which was the flood in 2011. He explained that a 3-step recovery plan was set to overcome the incident: immediate rescue and relief, damage recovery, reconstruction.

After moving to the second theme 쁂hallenge for increasing farmers income, recognizing pros and cons of economic partnership treaties, Ms. Altantuya Tseden-Ish from NAMAC, Mongol expressed her concerns towards FTAs signed with exporting powerhouses. However, she explained the EPA signed between Mongol and Japan and that this agreement will be helpful in benefitting the export of Mongolian agricultural goods.

Mr. Hironori Hijioka of JA-Zenchu, Japan also explained about EPAs with Asian countries and the TPP. Additionally, he expressed concern about the decrease in food consumption within Japan due to their aging society and that JA-Zenchu plans to expand export of agri-goods to solve and increase farmer셲 income related issues.

Lastly, Mr. Kim Ki-Hoon of the ICAO gave a brief introduction of the organization and the activities it is launching to increase farmers income and support co-ops worldwide. Some on the activities mentioned include ICAO meetings, Women Farmers Forum, Africa Project, Joint Workshops and Scholarships to international students to study in Korea.

Before ending the meeting, new membership of NAMAC, Mongol was approved leading to a total of 10 members, and the entire meeting ended after deciding the next meeting to be hosted by VCA in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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