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subject CCW and ICAO join forces through seminar
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2017-12-29
Contents CCW and ICAO join forces in building direct and sustainable supply chains

This article was issued in the ICA eDigest December Edition:

Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW) and the International Co-operative Agriculture Organisation (ICAO) held a joint session on 16 November 2017 within the framework of the Alliance Global Conference in Malaysia.

The theme was 쏝uilding Direct & Sustainable Supply Chains, which explored the successful practices on national level of direct collaboration between agricultural and consumer co-operatives.

The Session opened with key messages by Prof Petar Stefanov CCW President and Ki-hoon KIM Deputy Secretary General of ICAO and NACF National Agricultural Co-operative Federation of South Korea. Prof Stefanov highlighted the vital importance of scaling up co-operative trade opportunities, as this would create additional opportunities for growth for co-operative enterprises.

Consequently, this would have a three-fold effect: 1) support for the true social economy, which was established over 170 years ago by none other than co-operatives; 2) position co-operatives as appropriate partners to national governments in the fight against the grey economy, and 3) generate a real contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, since co-operatives have an inherent commitment to sustainable development.

The case studies of direct supply chains at national level included: Bulgaria, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden and Uganda.

The session concluded with an interesting presentation made by a consumer co-operative start-up within the network of Central Union of Consumer Societies Centrosojuz in the Russian Federation. The co-op has created an online platform - 쏞oop Connect with wide infrastructure that connects the co-operative movement digitally at international, national, regional and local level. One of the platform셲 modules allows the creation of an online marketplace, where agricultural co-operatives can directly connect with consumer co-operatives and, thus, reinforce the establishment of direct supply chains.

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