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subject MOU signed between NACF and Angkasa
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2017-12-14
Contents MOU signed between NACF, Korea and Angkasa, Malaysia

The following article was issued by the ICA-AP:

The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF), Korea and the Malaysian National Cooperative Movement (Angkasa), Malaysia signed an MOU on cooperation in dairy farming. The MoU includes among other things, trading of genetic resources, technology transfer, and training of personnel training. Korea셲 dairy farming has developed significantly in the last three decades with NACF has been at the center of this growth. With an average daily milk yield of 34kgs, Korea ranks third in the world. Malaysia is ranked as one of the highest countries vis-횪-vis milk consumption per capita but it셲 self-sufficiency rate is as low as 5%. One of the aims of the Malaysian government is to promote the dairy industry and it wants co-operatives to take part in this. The MoU between NACF and Angkasa will help improve the dairy farming skills. As part of the agreement, Angkasa will import bovine semen worth $12,000 from NACF in December and have its personnel trained. The MoU is a significant business development of the Malaysian Business Office since it was established in 2013 and is a perfect example of 쏞ooperation among Cooperatives.

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