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subject Executive Committee Signs 2017 Ambitions
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2017-04-20
Contents Executive Committee Signs 2017 Declaration of Ambitions

Earlier this month in Brasilia, the ICAO Executive Committee agreed upon seven primary initiatives to pursue throughout the remainder of this year and into next.

The initiatives may be found below and the official signed document may be found in the attached files.

1. Trade promotion based on cooperation among cooperatives

2. To work towards a solution regarding the imbalance between production and consumption

3. To promote methods and best practices for reducing distribution costs

4. To empower young farmers and women farmers whose contributions will be immeasurably valuable as the current farmer population continues to age

5. To promote sustainable agriculture in light of climate challenges

6. To empower small land holding farmers to compete with larger agriculture operations for all member countries

7. To financially support farmers of developing countries through microfinancing projects

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