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ICAO Secretariat:
The International Cooperation Office of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) of Korea hosts the ICAO Secretariat. It has done so since 1998. The NACF is the apex organization for agricultural cooperatives in Korea and a long-standing member of the ICA.

Secretary General, Jong-Wook LEE
Secretary General:

Mr. Lee began his career at the NH Bank in 1998. Since then, he has engaged in various fields related to agribusiness including business planning, Hanaro Mart, grain, ginseng and so forth. He also worked at the NACF Japanese Representation Office where he promoted international cooperation and took charge of trading businesses. Recently, he worked as the Vice CEO of an NACF regional office where he took charge of agribusinesses of his dedicated area. During his term, he was able to once again learn the importance of agriculture, farmers and farming areas.

He has great passion and interest in the agriculture and rural areas, fully understands the important mission of cooperatives, and the role and contribution that the ICAO holds.

According to the Korean Agricultural Cooperative Act, Article 1, the NACF's role and purpose is to better economic, social and cultural status of farmers, enhance farmer's quality of life through strengthening agricultural competitiveness and contribute to balanced development of the national economy through an autonomous cooperative created for the farmers.

The Secretariat will also do its best to help ICAO members grow and better the quality of life of their members. Additionally, it will strive to contribute to the society and the nation, and spare no effort in leading and supporting the 2017 ICAO Declaration of Ambitions.

"With the implementation of 'Cooperation among Cooperatives', I wish for further prosperity of the ICAO members."

Contact Information:
Email: nacfico@nonghyup.com Tel: +82-2-2080-6120
Deputy Secretary General, Kim Ki-hoon
Deputy Secretary:

Working at NACF for more than twenty years, Mr. Kim has dreamed of building a better life for farmers and developing rural communities domestically and overseas. He believes that the cooperative should be an alternative economic model in the age of uncertainty and inequality. He strongly feels that cooperation among people is the most precious value that enables cooperatives to exist.

Email: koolhandy@nonghyup.com Phone: +82-2-2080-6121
Communications Officer, SunKyoung Choi
Communications Officer:

Mr. Sunkyoung Choi completed a BA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne, Australia. After returning to Korea, he performed his compulsory military duty in the Eighth United States Army. He then entered Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea where he did a MA degree in Korean-English Interpretation and Translation. Having developed a keen interest in global affair, Mr. Choi believes he can play an important role as ICAO Communication Officer in facilitating communication between the ICAO and its member cooperatives.

Email: icaocommunication@gmail.com Phone: +82-2-2080-6125