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ICAO Secretariat:
The International Cooperation Office of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) of Korea hosts the ICAO Secretariat. It has done so since 1998. The NACF is the apex organization for agricultural cooperatives in Korea and a long-standing member of the ICA.

Secretary General, Yong KHANG
Secretary General:

Mr. Khang began his career at the NACF's Research Department in 1994. Since then, he has engaged in various fields including the distribution of agricultural goods(wholesale market, retail Hanaro Mart), marketing, planning and so forth. He also spent several years at NH Trade and the NACF USA Representative Office where he promoted international cooperation among different countries and was responsible for overseeing agricultural trade from Korea to the US. He has also devoted several years at NH Bank engaging in banking businesses including agricultural finance and the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund which contributed to the development of the agricultural and rural areas.

Mr. Khang has great passion towards improving the livelihood of rural farmers and raising the annual income per farming household through creating distributional channels for agricultural goods and reducing production costs. He is also very passionate about developing rural areas by promoting farm tours, introducing new agricultural products and creating profit in villages through hiring new workforce.

Mr. Khang strongly believes that cooperatives can be a substantive alternative to businesses that only seek competition and that 'cooperation among cooperatives' will create more business opportunities and enable cooperatives to grow altogether. To add on, he believes that sharing global experience and expertise is the key element to realize the betterment of farmers and cooperatives worldwide. Thus, Mr. Khang welcomes all kinds of cooperation opportunities with ICAO members from joint investment, equity acquisition, MOU and cooperation among cooperatives, to business proposals.

"Let's work together under the cooperative value and spirit and achieve mutual prosperity."

Contact Information:
Email: nacfico@nonghyup.com Tel: +82-2-2080-6120
Deputy Secretary General, Kim Ki-hoon
Deputy Secretary:

Working at NACF for more than twenty years, Mr. Kim has dreamed of building a better life for farmers and developing rural communities domestically and overseas. He believes that the cooperative should be an alternative economic model in the age of uncertainty and inequality. He strongly feels that cooperation among people is the most precious value that enables cooperatives to exist.

Email: koolhandy@nonghyup.com Phone: +82-2-2080-6121
Communications Officer, Ko Eun Lee
Communications Officer:

Earning a bachelor's degree in International Studies at Kyunghee University, Korea, and a Master's degree in Korean-English Interpretation and Translation at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea, Ms. Lee comes to the secretariat with great interest in global issues. With her background of living abroad in European countries, she hopes to act as a bridge as a communications officer between the ICAO and global cooperatives.

Email: icaocommunication@gmail.com Phone: +82-2-2080-6125