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ICAO Secretariat:
The International Cooperation Office of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) of Korea hosts the ICAO Secretariat. It has done so since 1998. The NACF is the apex organization for agricultural cooperatives in Korea and a long-standing member of the ICA.

Secretary General, HJ Park
Secretary General:

HJ Park began his career with the NACF Banking Department in 1989 and since then has forayed into a wide variety of endeavors from agricultural production and distribution to international cooperation. Mr. Park has spent his career promoting traditional farming village culture and the value of agriculture by engaging in outreach programs to rural communities. At one point, he was responsible for the import of foreign farmers from Cambodia, Mongolia, China, and many other countries for the purpose of obtaining farming management skills then returning to their home countries to disseminate their newfound knowledge. More recently, Mr. Park spent several years in the NACF USA Representative Office and was responsible for overseeing agricultural trade from Korea to the US.

Mr. Park is passionate about improving the livelihood of rural farmers and raising the mean annual income per farming household. He believes that there is much value to be gained from the global sharing of experience and expertise in order to achieve this goal for the betterment of farmers internationally.

Email: nacfico@nonghyup.com Phone: +82-2-2080-6120
Deputy Secretary General, Kim Ki-hoon
Deputy Secretary:

Working at NACF for more than twenty years, Mr. Kim has dreamed of building a better life for farmers and developing rural communities domestically and overseas. He believes that the cooperative should be an alternative economic model in the age of uncertainty and inequality. He strongly feels that cooperation among people is the most precious value that enables cooperatives to exist.

Email: koolhandy@nonghyup.com Phone: +82-2-2080-6121
Communications Officer Noelle Compton
Communications Officer:

Ms. Compton comes to the secretariat from Colorado, USA, where she earned her bachelor's degrees in professional writing and philosophy at the University of Colorado. While at university, Ms. Compton concentrated her studies in environmental ethics and found an interest in sustainable development. Her international experience includes extensive travel throughout Asia, where she volunteered in rural farm communities, and three years of living in Seoul, Korea before joining ICAO.

Email: noelle.compton@icao.coop Phone: +82-2-2080-6125