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Executive Committee
Hajime Yaguchi : Vice-President - Asia
Former Executive Direcor of JA-Zenchu

Mr. Hajime Yaguchi was named the Vice-President of the Asian region in 2013. When he retired in Nov, 2015, he was succeeded by Mr. Shigeshi Onishi.
Shigeshi Onishi : Vice-President - Asia
Mr. Shigeshi Onishi is the Executive Director in charge of agricultural production, farm management, and farm land at the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Japan.

He was named Vice President of ICAO at the general meeting in fall of 2015.

Mr. Onishi has worked in the agricultural cooperative sector since 1979 after he graduated from Hukkaido University's esteemed School of Agriculture. He has spent his career committed to agricultural production and sales throughout Japan and is proud to represent Japanese cooperatives abroad.
G.N.Saxena : Executive Member - Asia
Former head of the board of the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Coopertive Ltd. (IFFCO)
Dr.G.N. Saxena was first named the Executive Committee Member in 2009. When he retired in Nov, 2015, he was succeeded by Mr. Tarun Bhargava.
Eugene Tomte : Vice-President - Europe
Mr. Eugen Tomte, the deputy director general of the Federation of Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives (FNAC), was made the Vice-President of the Europe region in 2009.
In addition to being the deputy director general of the FNAC, with a special responsibility for cooperative affairs, Mr.Tomte is the chairman of the board of the Norwegian Cooperative Centre. His cooperative career began in 1974, and he has held a variety of positions in different agricultural cooperatives in Norway. He joined FNAC in 1988.
Alfred Domagalski (Europe)
Mr. Alfred Domagalski, the president of the National Co-operative Council in Poland, was made an Executive Committee Member in 2009.

He has been a co-operator since his school years, active in various types of coops: students', banking, farmers' and workers' co-operatives. Born in 1945 in Domaszowice, a small village in the Kielce region of Central Poland, he is a farmer by background and an agricultural economist by education. As the leader of a rural youth organization, he promoted cooperative activities among young people, and during his time in the Union of Farmers' Circles, he supported the development of agricultural services coops. In the 80s and 90s, as the owner of a horticultural farm, he was the leader of a horticultural marketing and supply coop. He is currently a member of his local cooperative bank's Supervisory Council. Since 1995 he has held leading positions in the Polish cooperative movement ? he was chairman of the General Assembly of the National Co-operative Council (NCC), the apex organization for co-operatives in Poland and, in 2004, he was made president of the board; he is currently serving his 3rd successive term as such.

Mr. Domagalski is active on the international level as well. He represents NCC in the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) as well as Polish agricultural cooperatives in ICAO (at present on its Executive Committee) and cooperates with COPA-COGECA. He was among the founders of Cooperatives Europe; in 2006, he was elected to its board of directors, reelected in 2010 and again in 2013. He is also a member of the board of directors of "Cooperative House Europe" in Brussels. He has participated in many national and international initiatives concerning the co-operative movement, agriculture, social economy, co-operative legislation and published several books and papers on these issues.

Mr. Domagalski is also an active politician. As one of the leaders of the Polish Peasants' Party, he was a member of Parliament from 1993 to 1997. During that time, he chaired the Extraordinary Parliamentary Commission for Cooperative Legislation, which prepared, under his leadership, the draft of a new Polish Cooperative law. Since 2000 he has been the deputy chairman of the supreme council of his party.
George Angala: Vice-President - Africa
The Reverend Father George Angala, the chairman of the board of directors of the Uganda Cooperative Alliance, Ltd, was made the Vice-President of the Africa region in 2013.

As the chairman, Rev. Fr. Angala is the 'first among equals', leading board meetings and ensuring that the board adheres to its stated purpose. He is a guarantor of governance integrity. In addition to being the board's official spokesperson, he serves as the primary contact between UCA's CEO and the board, developing that body's agenda in conjunction with the CEO. He is also responsible for ensuring the contribution of shareholder-input to policy formulation, especially as it relates to ends policies.

Beyond his work as UCA's chairman, Rev. Fr. Angala mobilizes farmers to form primary and secondary cooperatives and participates in the training of cooperative leaders.